TreeDyn: towards dynamic graphics & annotations for trees analyses
PRG inter-EPST Bio-informatique CNRS, INSERM, INRA, INRIA, Ministère de la Recherche, 2001-2003, 2002-2004
ACI IMPbio Mathématique et Physique en Biologie Moléculaire, 2004-2006

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Aug 10 2006 TreeDyn Update version 196 : minor bugs fixed
June 06 2006

TreeDyn Tips
TreeDyn User's Manual updated. Full Dataset. New tutorial: Multi-trees analysis

June 05 2006

TreeDyn Update version 195.
Minor release. Bug fixed on multi-trees loading under Mac OSX (user preferences file deletion) New control for user preferences initialization (see the "Preferences panel" command from the "View" menu)

June 01 2006

TreeDyn Tips
TreeDyn Overview
Version May 2006, pdf file, (~9Mo)

May 29 2006 TreeDyn Update version 194 :
  • New annotation functionalities screenshot
  • Minor bugs fixed (user paths with space characters...)
  • May 26 2006

    TreeDyn Tips
    Softwares for tree visualisation and manipulation.
    Summary table, short descriptions with comments and bibliography by R. Christen

    May 18 2006
    TreeDyn Update version 193 :
  • TreeALI package
  • TreePAT package updated
  • Newick annotation panel updated
  • TreeDyn now reads newick strings with leaf labels containing space characters
  • minor bugs solved (Library files concatenation, X & Y Illustrations)

    Fetch the 193.3 patch by using the "Help"/"TreeDyn update" command or download and unzip it within the "~/treedynpack/+" folder (Windows & Linux OS) or within the "Contents/Resources/Scripts/" treedyn package folder (OSX).
  • Pymol - TreeDyn linkage by Pierre Mazet
    May 11 2006

    TreeDyn Announce.
    Coming soon, new TreeDyn package : TreeALI.
    Using clustering methods and visualisations to detect co-evolving residues in proteins Many Thanks to Pierre Mazet for the problematic, data and biological insights. TreeALI is a package of the Package+ TreeDyn Library.

    Apr. 12 2006 TreeDyn Update version 191, 192 including :
  • TreeXY & TreePAT packages
  • revision of the treedyn command line interpreter
  • patch of the outgroup operation (thanks to J. Peter Gogarten and Leandro R. Jones)
  • Apr. 11 2006

    TreeDyn Alert A bug has been reported with the outgroup operation

    Mar. 28 2006

    TreeDyn Announce.
    Coming soon, new TreeDyn package : TreeXY.
    TreeXY allows a dynamic linkage between trees and scatterplot matrices.

    TreeDyn Announce.
    Coming soon, new TreeDyn package : TreePAT.
    TreePAT allows a representation of a tree as a leaves*leaves distance matrix with a user definition of distance classes/colors. The distances are calculated from the newick string.

    Fev. 06 2006

    TreeDyn Update version: 190.3 : TreeBASEinterf package.

    Jan. 24 2006

    TreeDyn Announce.
    Coming soon, new TreeDyn package : TreeBASEinterf.
    TreeBASE is a relational database of phylogenetic information. Knowing an ID Study from TreeBASE, TreeBASEinterf allows the download of the corresponding trees and their graphical management with the TreeDyn tools.

    Jan. 10 2006

    TreeDyn Announce.
    Coming soon: TreeDyn Online.
    TreeDyn Online is a Web interface for the graphical representation and annotation of phylogentic or classification trees.

    Jan. 09 2006

    TreeDyn Update New TreeDyn version: 188, 189. InteractionGraph, a TreeDyn package for the visualization of interaction graphs in regards of trees (a tutorial is under construction). Thanks to Amélie Véron for data and testing. NB: you don't have to download the treedynpack, just use the "Help"/"TreeDyn Update" option.

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