TreeDyn: towards dynamic graphics & annotations for trees analyses
PRG inter-EPST Bio-informatique CNRS, INSERM, INRA, INRIA, Ministère de la Recherche, 2001-2003, 2002-2004
ACI IMPbio Mathématique et Physique en Biologie Moléculaire, 2004-2006

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TreeDynPack Linux
Download TreeDynPack Linux (.tar.gz file)

unzip/untar treedynpack.tar.gz. Go to the treedynpack folder and then use the command "./treedyn". You may have to "chmod 777 treedyn" and/or "chmod -R 777 treedynpack"

TreeDynPack MacOSX
Download TreeDynPack MacOSX (.DMG file)

After decompression of the DMG file, double-clic on the TreeDyn icon. Copy the disk image file to your application folder or your Home directory

TreeDynPack Windows
Download TreeDynPack Windows (.zip file)

unzip under "C:\". if you have unzip under C:\ double click on the treedyn alias.

If the has been unzip elsewhere, update the treedyn alias properties. For instance, if you unzip treedynpack under "C:\tree", edit the properties of "C:\tree\treedynpack\treedyn.lnk", then update the "target" entry to "C:\tree\treedynpack\+\treedyn.exe data" and update the "starting" entry to "C:\tree\treedynpack\+". Also, you can update the alias icon using the file ~\treedynpack\+\+\icon\itd.ico file


At first run of TreeDyn, make a TreeDynUpdate. TreeDynUpdate enables the patching of TreeDyn without reloading TreeDynPack. From the main TreeDyn panel, select the "TreeDynUpdate" option of the "Help menu". It will upgrade TreeDyn, (Mac OSX, Linux, Windows). After the patching process, you will have to restart TreeDyn. The latest version always include all the previous ones. If you have problems with the update process because of security policy, you can download here the lastest treedyn version, unzip it to the treedynpack/+ folder (replacing the old "data" file)