TreeDyn release 198, May 2006
New symbol system
The new symbol description is now independant of specific fonts, Postscript export keep the symbols whatever the computer/os. See the "parameters panel" for the selection of a class of symbol, size, stipple and color.
RGB color matrix
"Annotation panel", "RGB matrix" tab. The annotations file must integrate variable(s) coding for a color following the RGB format. Syntax :

example: PCR primer study (specificity, color by temperature of hybridation, OLIGO-ANALYSER, Olivier Croce):
New shrink tools
Extraction of leaf labels
Two methods for the extraction of leaf labels:
1) node contextual menu, commands "Export as leaves leaf" (to file) or "Export leaves list to clipboard"

2) a new tool. Activate the tool, then left clic near the tree and select the "New selection column". Then left clic the checkboxes and/or the the leaf labels and/or nodes. Left-clic: alternative selection, Shift-clic: force add, Ctrl-clic: force remove. When the selection is done, export it as a file or to clipboard (left clic near the tree)
Newick annotation panel updated
"Newick annotation panel", "Tree" tab, set a bootstrap treshold (eg 75), a graphical operation (eg "Node foreground color" with grey color), and click the "Display" button. The nodes with a bootstrap value under the treshold avec graphicaly updated.